A Message to Prospective Students

Thank you very much for your inquiry regarding our 24-week online interpretation and translation program, currently being offered in Modesto.

The demand for qualified state and federal interpreters and translators has grown enormously due to the explosion of immigrants entering the United States, and more specifically, California.

Generally, legal interpreters and translators are paid by the whole or half day.  At the present time, legal interpreters and translators are paid $325 a day and $150 for half day.

Students intending to work for the trial courts can usually expect salaries between $35,000 and $50,000 per year; however, this would be dependent on the location and experience.

If you have any questions after reading this brochure, feel free to write or call the school.
Below are just some the employers using legal interpreters and translators in the State of California.

District Attorney’s Office
Public Defender’s Office
State and Federal Courts
Administrative State and Federal Agencies
Corporate Legal Departments
Police Departments
Appellate Courts
Legal Aid Societies
Law Offices
Deposition Companies
Medical Offices


Featured Class – Become a Court Interpreter

In our Become a Court Interpreter course, you will learn courtroom protocol and courtroom decorum.  This course is based on the English to Spanish interpretation of four legal documents, the oath, Miranda Warning, arraignment, and advisement of rights.

Students learn through interpretation of legal mocks for real hands-on experience.  Learn the three modes of interpretation used in the courtroom, and the three kinds of interpreters.

This course also includes the Rozan Method of note-taking and judicial council standards.  In addition, you will learn:

  • At what points in the trial the interpreter is needed.
  • What a detention hearing is.
  • When a telephonic interpretation is used in the courtroom.
  • What pre-trial preparations and motions involve.
  • What contract interpreters and in-house interpreters are.
  • What remote interpreting is (interpretation from your home).

We also provide job assistance with language companies as well as resume review.  Our students receive many additional handouts to aid them that are too numerous to mention.

Obtain a very valuable 60 hour industry specific certificate at the end of the class, with appropriate score, and begin an exciting and lucrative career!